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Episode 013

LEADERSHIP: Same ‘ol Situation

In this Episode of, Tim Autrey takes on a perennial workplace challenge- conflicting policies, procedures, instructions, and power struggles, which put workers in an almost impossible situation.

He uses a recent PPI Culture Profile, as well as a personal experience at the Toronto Airport to make his point. He then offers simple solutions to this dilemma- two of which can be implemented immediately (and at essentially no cost). He also provides a solution to the much bigger underlying issue.

Episode 012

PERSPECTIVE: Miracle in Okuma Beach

Accidents occur in an instant. After the fact, all involved would love to have a “do-over”. In this episode of, Tim Autrey tells a personal story of the near-drowning of his granddaughter, Adrianna.

He then relates good fortune to luck, to miracles, and how performance improvement professionals (whether calling it “HPI”, “HPT”, or “HRO”) share a common bond. – a focus on human performance to improve safety, save lives, and prevent catastrophe.

Episode 011

LEADERSHIP: MY Favorite “F Word”

Traditional observation & coaching will NEVER produce desired results. Why?

Because most approaches in use are governed by “general” laws. The elements underlying choices and behaviors follow a completely different set of rules.

In this episode of, Tim Autrey uses the works of Albert Einstein and Max Planck to identify why most existing observation & coaching simply do NOT work. He then reveals 12 simple Vital Behaviors for use in practical application.

Episode 010


In this episode, Tim Autrey uses a story from his childhood to reveal a powerful alternative to reacting solely to actions taken when things don’t go well. He demonstrates how focus upon the WAY something is done, combined with the underlying attitude or mindset with which it is done, provides a leveraged opportunity to help forge new context and new connections. New connections lead to new choices. New choices lead to new and sustainable behaviors.

Episode 009


How to Prevent Analoculitis

and Rear View Syndrome (RVMS)

Efforts to improve performance are often ineffective, generating wasted (and expensive) efforts due to two epidemic conditions: Analoculitis and Rear View Mirror Syndrome (RVMS).

In this Episode, Tim Autrey uses the current state of preventable medical error in the US as an example of the consequences of these diseases. He then offers a simple, tangible, and sustainable CURE.

Episode 008


How to STOP Being


Achieving and sustaining exceptional Human Performance CAN be fast, simple, and easy. Unfortunately, many continue to make it complicated and ridiculous.

Likely to jostle the bones of many “experts”, Tim Autrey takes on the ‘status quo’ in this Episode of, diving straight to the CORE of Performance Improvement.

He offers leadership and practitioner alike a simple, tangible, and profoundly powerful first step for unleashing the positive power of human nature.

Episode 007

What [the heck] is…

“Human Performance”?!!

Are you continuing to waste energy and resources in your performance improvement efforts? Are your efforts lacking in sustainability and/or ROI? If so, it’s likely due to misplaced focus. Current terminology and ongoing perspectives continue to confuse well-intended leaders and practitioners.

In this Episode, Tim Autrey removes the chaff, cutting straight to the CORE of any effort to improve performance. He then dives to the Core of the Core, honing in on the key element of HOW to leverage Human Performance as the locus of all performance improvement.

Episode 006


Business Imperatives

Day-to-day operations within most organizations require dealing with an incessant barrage of problems, issues, and unnecessary crises. Much of the energy consumed is CAUSED by traditional efforts to manage and improve performance.

In this Episode, Tim Autrey offers insights into WHY this is the case. He guides listeners to the Special Report, “REPS: Next-Generation Performance Improvement,” offering a one team REMEDY to the stress, overwhelm, and wasted energy caused by conflicting priorities and agendas.

Episode 005


How to Reduce the

Costs of Human Error

(4 Simple Steps)

In Episode 5, Tim describes the primary reasons so many organizations continue to do performance improvement “half-somersaults”- efforts partially completed or short of desired results. He then details four simple leadership and implementation steps for avoiding derailments and stifled implementation. You are also provided with downloadable tools for each of the 4 steps.

Episode 004


Forget “Excellence”!

“Excellence” continues to be used as a mantra for performance improvement. In this episode of, Tim Autrey details why this is a BAD idea. “Excellence” cannot be clearly defined. It offers nothing tangible relative to desired changes in behavior. This causes confusion, generating direct resistance to the intended change.

An alternative to “excellence” is- “Next-Level”. Just as alluring and ‘sexy’, an organization’s “next-level” can be clearly defined, communicated, and observed. Team members then know specifically WHAT to do to achieve desired RESULTS, HOW to do it, and WHY it’s important.

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